Rehabilitation facilities
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Equine lameness rehabilitation and barefoot

Rockley has just under 60 acres of land, much of it steep Exmoor slopes, with plenty of organic permanent pasture. All the horses spend a large part of their time on our tracks, which have different surfaces and which encourage good hoof development.



We use pea gravel tracks and yards, together with an area of woodland, to provide stimulating but supportive surfaces for horses who are with us for rehabilitation.


Horses have ad lib haylage while on the tracks to encourage movement. They can always find shelter and are of course out with friendly companions.


We normally offer daytime turnout in the winter and overnight turnout during spring and summer but horses who are particularly sensitive can be kept grass-free if necessary. We make our own haylage and both that and our grazing are low in sugar and starch. We also feed balanced minerals to all horses and additional hard feed to those that need it.

While on the tracks horses can come and go between the woods, yards and barn and are brought in morning and evening for feeding, and grooming. Horses are normally exercised up to 4 times a week and what they do depends on what stage they are at in their rehab.

They don't live out, as they are always able to bring themselves in, nor are they stabled (except for feeding or during the worst weather), as they are always free to wander outside - its a sort of halfway house which allows them to suit themselves and move as much or as little as they like.


Perhaps surprisingly, even in a snowy winter our horses like the chance to roam the tracks and stretch their legs - although they may then decide they are better off returning to the barn to munch under cover!

Our American barn is invaluable not just if we need to stable horses but also at feed times and when horses first arrive.

We have big (15ft x15ft) boxes which are bedded with straw pellets (which not even the greediest horses have been known to eat!).


We only take a small number of rehab horses at any one time and there is normally a waiting list of 6-8 weeks.